Windows visual studio application to direct command prompt 

For a long while I wanted to learn how to use the windows command prompt to perform actions on the computer. Those instructions could be simple IP address check, ping request to more complicated git commands or ftp ssh commands. 

Once I learned those in command prompt I wanted to perform those same actions with simple inputs such as a click of a mouse on a button or make a c program execute a command in command prompt

This post shows exactly how I made a visual studio GUI application  to perform the actions on command prompt and process the response. This was coded to make my work at Office a bit easier when it comes to programming the processors in assembly line. 

12/27/16: One thing I am still not sure is, if it’s possible is to have a state machine based approach for this process. So each command given from visual studio is dependent on the previous command. In other words the process still continues in back ground and each command is executed and output is passed to the visual studio application.  
To be cont…