Samsung galaxy chat GT-B5330 user review

Samsung galaxy chat -GT-B5330 This device is quite good in many aspects.the phone is available in 2 colours currently namely black and white. Rumours do exist giving a possibility of pink coloured one.the phone is very highly compact and good to handle.

The pros are

1)Qwerty keyboard makes texting and code development easy for devs.


2)GLONASS helps travellers locate there position on maps very quickly.

3)Ice cream sandwich OS 4.0.4 gives a fresh look

4) the availablity of customized key is quite an advantage so the users can assign any app that is to be started with one touch.

5) the 512 MB ram(445MB user available) makes the OS smooth and easy for multiple applications to run simoultanously.

6)the 850MHz processor won’t consume much of juice so it will keep the phone running for atleast 1.5 days at normal use.

7)the phone has a thichness if 1.1 cm so its handy and not slippery.

8)the back panel in international version phones give them a rugged like look and good grip.

9)the TFT display ensures maximum long life for the battery.

10) the phone is equipped with a 1100mAh battery enough to power up the phone for a day or two for normail users.

11)as per samsung this device can be upgraded from ICS 4.0.1 to jelly beans 4.1

The cons are

1)the display is TFT display with low resolution of 240*300.

2) non availablity of protection to the display like gorilla glass or corning glass etc; makes the phone more fragile.

3)rear camera resolution is onlu 1.900 Mpixels only which is quite low at the current price of the phone.

4)non availablity of rear camera flash

5)non availablity of front camera for video calls.

6)the 850MHz processor is ususally unnoticed while operating the phone or performing normal day to day functions but while installing applications it can be easily noticed due to time consuming factor.

7)the back panel of indian versions phones are smooth and polished so tiny scratches if exist are clearly visible and also is slightly slippery.

Conclusion: The samsung galaxy chat is a low end phone available in market what has ICS Os. It is the only phone currently available with qwerty keyboard and ICS Os and candy bar form factor.

The current cost of 8500Rs/- . The phone has nice features in the OS which makes it more user friendly.

Android phones with similiar form factor are

1)motorola defy pro

2)HTC chacha

3)samsung galaxy pro

4)samsung pro duos.



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