About Me

EMAIL: lmm35@njit.edu
CONTACT NUMBER : +1 862-899-8190
WEB SITE : http://web.njit.edu/~lmm35
Linkendin Profile:www.linkedin.com/pub/lawrence-matthew/b0/216/984/en



Working at ConnectDER as Electrical Engineer focusing on embedded system design and development.

2014  – 2016

I am Lawrence, Currently pursuing my Masters Degree Program at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Specializing at Computer architecture and system track (Embedded System).


I have a passion for designing and developing mixed signal circuits right from the scratch by scribbling the circuits on a piece of paper, coding and burning the program on the micro controllers, then simulating them on computer using Proteus or Electronic workbench depending upon their complexity, testing them on breadboards when ever applicable, laters designing the Printed Circuit Board using Eagle PCB designer suite or Express PCB, which is followed by etching them using conventional ferric chloride or Muratic(Hydrochloric acid)/hydrogen peroxide combination depending upon speed requirement and finally soldering the components onto the pcb in the most neatest possible manner and finally re-testing and debugging etc.

2008  – 2012 During my Undergrad

Special Thanks to my professors Mr. Shan Noshed(Project Guide) , Mr. Anup S (Project guide) and Mrs. Raji A (HOD) of College of Engineering,Adoor who have facilitated me to use all laboratories including Signal processing, Electronic circuits, and Micro-controller Labs without which I wouldn’t be able to design and developed over 30 Embedded Projects. Most of those circuits were my personal hobby circuits, rest were my academic projects and the remaining were my friends projects which I have assisted.

2013  – 2014 My work Experience

I worked as Junior Embedded Engineer working on designing and developing customized embedded solutions based on customer requirements.
Special Thanks to Mr. V T Joseph (Director), Mrs.Reeni J (Manager), Mr.Tom J(Team Lead) and Mr.Ebin Joseph of Tomson Electronics Kerala.
During my time at Tomson , I have designed and developed over 30 embedded projects, in the fields of wireless, automation, security, entertainment etc.
Few of my works at Tomson includes, but not limited to

  • Single handed 2D Wireless Joystick based wireless control of unmanned all terrain Vehicles.
  • Low cost MPPT solar chargers
  • GSM based control of electrical appliance with data storage for storing contacts
  • Customized GSM, RF-ID,PIC/AVR Development/Programming boards
  • 12 channel RF transmitter and receiver for R/C aircraft/terrain projects
  • 6 channel Digital Oscilloscope V2 based on Arduino/Processing



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