iPhone LTE 4G 3G 2G selection

Many iPhone users have different opinion on this topic. Hence I decided to clarify this for everyone who faced this problem just like me.

iPhone iOS 8.1 update came with a good promise which is the option to control LTE 4G 3G 2G option. However many users claims to have that option while many say they don’t have that option. I happen to be in the second group who didn’t have that option. 

WHY? Possibly because my network provider AT&T didn’t want me to have it. 
So I tried working on different network providers with my iPhone. The results are as follows 

With AT&T SIM card the only option the network provides is to enable /disable LTE. AT&T network I guess prefers we use the network in the following priority 4g>3g>2g. 


With BSNL Pvt ltd INDIA sim inserted the network carriers in USA didn’t seems to recognize my SIM card.


As there is no coverage,  iPhone seems to enable the option to control the network LTE, 4G,  3G,  2G.


To test the functionality again I tried with UAE Etisalat SIM card and it seems to be registered with T-Mobile and the option to control the 4G,  3G,  2G is permitted by T-Mobile. I was also able to check for the current cell phone balance right from my phone by using USSD commands.


The main reason I prefer 2g or 3G network is for longer battery life. 4g takes a lot of battery power and possibly my phone lasts for 12 hours. I guess the best option would be to switch carrier to T-Mobile or lyca mobile for the sake of battery life.  

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