User review of iball slide 3g 7334 tablet

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127 Responses to User review of iball slide 3g 7334 tablet

  1. Stanley says:

    Great review. Thanks for posting.. I am considering buying this now..

  2. shamil says:

    Thanks.very use full.what about the quality of the tga(battery life,case.etc)

    • Battery is 3100mAh lithium ion battery… I get a battery life upto 10hours for moderate use… the case is good quality cloth.. reliable…but once u put on the case the heat from the rear of tablet is trapped…the case also blocks the rear camera… and main speaker sound is reduced once u put on the case..
      Hope it helps…did u buy this tab?

  3. Gaurav Sharma says:

    is it Support .mkv video format and resolution more than 720?

  4. Vijay Waghmare says:

    Can the phone be hand hold while talking?



    • Try a factory reset..keep display always dry..tgus display is highly sensitive so u won’t even have to touch it…atleaat for me the screen responses even befor I touch the keep oilly and othe electric field conductive substance of the screen..
      Again if it happens,record the video on another camera and complain to service center..


    Hi I went to service centre in chennai Richie street. they changed my touch and now it is working good. My slide 7334 is having 1GB Ram

  7. Rahul Gawli says:

    Can i play games as temple run, temple run 2, subway aurf etc.. Pls let me kno soon s i wanna buy this 7334 tablet


    today morning i watched one movie and after some 30 minutes my battery got heated abnormally and switched off automatically. Now it is not switching on and even it is not getting charging. Again I need to go to service centre in chennai Richie street. Friends pls don’t buy Iball.

    • As , all tablets have been designed and made in china, certain models have battery issues, the customer care will deal with it and even replace battery within same day if they have enough reasons..

      • BHARATHIDASAN says:

        hi i went to service centre on16.02.13. They tested my slide and told me there is no problem. But I gave it to them to keep it for two days for testing. This time i noticed some 4 people brought their iball products(mobile andi 4, iball 6012,iball 7334,9inch slide, which is very new are having problems. Even the products which they are giving as a replacement is having problems. Atleast a product should work for 6months without problem. But in Iball They are selling the products with manufacturing defects. This slide 7334 is my last product in Ball. I will never purchase any of the Iball produts.

  9. dheeraj says:

    Hi Friends Yesterday on 18th I purchased This Iball 7334 and just one hour before its switched off suddenly and now its not responding and just dead………………………………….


    hi dheeraj, first try to charge it, If it is not getting charge then take it to stores where you bought and ask for replacement , most probably they will tell u to go to service centre. Then go to service centre and tell the problem. Based on the problem they will either repair it or replace it.

  11. Vishal Thakur says:

    I wish to setup wifi connection on my iball 7334 3g tab, but unable to setup static ip on it. when i chose dhcp connect button appears and when i choose static, connect button inactive. can anybody helps.

  12. fauzia khan says:

    hey hii all…i read all ur comments…i was just moving to buy iball slide 3g 7334 tablet as m vry muchh liking n intrrested in dis product…but after gone through all ur comments…m bit confused…wether to go for it o not…plz suggest me further as each penny z imp fr me to invest in a best product…plz helpme

    thnx in advance

    • The battery for all chiness imported tablets will be a depends on ur luck.
      Rest all ckt and hardwares will be fine as they are tested and certified for export..
      Whereas the battery condition might vary with temp,pressure etc.. so once u get any tablet at hand check the battery backup time with maximum usage of the tab..if its satisfactory use them, else give written complain to service center.. the rest is in the hand of service center if to change the battery or to reject ur request letter by telling the hardware is fine and blah …blah..blah… .
      If u want to buy 7344 tab.. I have personally found problems with display usage while charging plug is connected , and absence of battery low thershold disable power on system…
      Coz of which I have had issues with auto restart function available in setting..
      And reguarding the display, I remove the usb charge plug and then the display works fine..

      Battery backup works for almost 1.5 days of light usage or standby on 3g network with internet..
      Hope this helps u to decide if to buy this product or not..

  13. dhananjay says:

    Hey Lawrence,
    thanks for nice review. I checked this tab at a store & found it indeed has 1 GB RAM. I am just hesitant to buy as I want a tab with fm transmitter, 3g sim calling, magnetic compass, gps, HD display.
    I Ball 3g 7334 has all features except magnetic compass, also don’t know how to use fm tansmitter (I tried at store, it says need to connect enhancement and there were no music files hence could not really test). Any suggestion?

    • there is a limitation with fm transmitter..
      the inbuilt transmitter replaces the loud speaker once switched on..
      that is , if u play any audio file once the fm transmitter is ON ,theplayed music or sound is transmitter..

      unlike traditional fm transmitters , iball doesnt allow direct broadcast input from u will have to record ur sound via sound recorder and connected the headset that acts as antenna and ten playback the recorded audio once fm transmitter is switched on..

      i have tested the fm transmitter with a normal 50 cm head set wire and found a range of about 30 meters line of sight..
      now very powerfull but manageable..
      hope it helps…

    • hi, i too managed to change my mother board of my tablet though service center, even though now it says we have 1 gb ram, the antutu benchmark app says we have only 555 usable ram. something tells me that we got the new motherboard of iball slide 7334 i. its a new edition launched but not quite famous and often confused with our model. the 7334 i has 1 gb ram and back camera flash. so our motherboard is of 7334i and firmware is of 7334 itself , hence the remaining ram is unusable.

  14. ashokkumar A says:

    I have purchase the iball 3g 7334 on 14th feb 2013 and I have not used the net properly but now the pieces is showing network error and I have given the tablet to service center and they examined for 3 days and said that it is ok error taken place due to software and now we have formated it so in future this error will not be repeated but after two day the same error repeated and now i have fredup with this piece and inform the concern service center to replace with new one or return the money

  15. Anonymous says:

    how to use pendrive and extended 32gb in iball 3g 7334?

  16. Akshar says:


    I have bought a new iBall 7334. I realize that the when I make calls, it is always with speaker phones. If I switch that off, no sound is heard. Is this how it is supposed to behave or can it be changed.

  17. Anonymous says:

    hello, i purchased iball 3G 7334, Inserted 32GB SD card, it was detected by system. But not able explore same through slide. even thou I connected 8GB pendrive, it was detected. But not able to explore or access. Please tell me the application that support me to access both.

  18. Anonymous says:

    where to change /mnt, i cant find any option for that.

  19. naman says:

    hey i am thinking 2 buy it but i confused to buy or not and overall how it is how marks will u give 2 it from 10 plzz tell me fast. 🙂

  20. naman says:

    bro can any one tell me from where i can by it in delhi near west patel nagar


    hi friends if you want to root your Iball 7334. Then read this post
    I sucessfully rooted my iball 7334.

  22. Ali says:

    Please advice me iBall Slide 3G 7334 is good purchase?

  23. Anoop says:

    let me know one thing, can we used any other headphones to call ?

    • Anonymous says:

      i have tried nokia 3.5 mm headset but failed, and also samsung 3.5mm head set, also failed. i guess we can only use the one provided by iball..
      the samsung headset gave a small o/p. nokia headset doesnt respond.

  24. do i know which one i have to purches iBall slide 3G 7334 or Samsung Tab 2 🙂 ty

  25. Rana says:

    Willl rooting help user to delete stock apps

  26. Saurabh says:

    .exe file of driver is not getting installed and whr to copy thee driver files???

    • Anonymous says:

      connect ur device to pc, and when asked for driver files, direct it to the dll files and inf files.
      not sure if this method works for all, but still worth a try

  27. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know how to connect ethernet plug and 3g/2g usb modem on to this tab and connect to internet.
    there is an app called ppp in market, but it needs root access, but i dont have the usb cable to root my device.
    any alternate methods would be helpfull.

  28. Anonymous says:

    hi, everyone, i was also impressed with all those features shown and all those are true also,a few days after i purchased the tab i find the problem that once i switch off the tab its not getting switched on , it happened two times with me and when ever i connect the charger a blue light is emitting instead of either green or red. dont know what to do.. can anyone guide me and what could be the reason for this…..?

    • Sorry , such a problem haven’t happen to me till now.. any way connect the charger and try pressing the reset button. And if it doesn’t still work , u might need to take it to customare care..

    • the symptoms looks like u have undercharged your battery . connect the usb charger for 2+ hours and finally press the reset button might solve the issue. if still having the problem, return them back to service center immediatly

  29. SathishKumarP says:

    I do wanna buy a tab.. Can anyone suggest me a good one..
    My budget is around 10k..

    • where are you from?
      if u are looking for tabs with all features under 10k, i suggest u start looking for huawei tablets or if u can get 12k, u can get a good phablets(phones+tablets).


    Dear friends, Please don’t purchase this tablet. It’s screen is not good, it disturbs the eyes while playing in portrait mode. It gets hang while playing temple run 1 and 2. It wont play hd 720p videos smoothly. Best way to select a tab is just visit any showrooms like poorvika, univercell, where they keep demo mobiles/tablets for display. just check the available model with them. And google it for full phone specifications.Then read the reviews for the models and then buy it.

  31. Anonymous says:

    please send Iball Root 7334.rar to
    ks in advance

  32. arun says:

    pls send Iball Root 7334 folder to

  33. Anonymous says:

    do these all problems remain same in i ball 7334i(upgraded version of this).
    I am planning to buy it.I am from ahmedabad.Should i buy it or not.It is available on flipkart at 10000 rs.

  34. Ajay kant says:

    Hi earlier i brought this tab,now i m not able to connect to internet with any sim,setting block always show no internet connection.plz help my no-7307269323

  35. Anonymous says:


    I am unable to install the windows driver, can anyone pls suggest how to do that. I already tried above 2 options (I)windows driver for iball slide 3g 7334 installable version download II)drver .dll and .sys files download) but none of them is working in my windows 7. so if you have the workable driver package then pls give me d/l link.

    • I have updated the directions.

      • Anonymous says:

        Many thanks, but pls specify updated direction where? in I)windows driver for iball slide 3g 7334 installable version download link or II)drver .dll and .sys files download link?

      • If the above mentioned links don’t work. Then the driver could be installed using the windows app superonclick. It is originally designed to root android devices,but driver install is an option. So connect the tab and use the above mentioned app.

  36. swathi says:

    i used the tablet while charging ,now it is working, just dead what shall i do??????

    • Once the tablet is connected to power plug, does any light indications show up?
      If yes , try the reset switch and then switch it on.
      If no, then the battery volt is lower than limit. So returning it to customer care center is best option..

  37. swathi says:

    no light was indicated …it was stuck, unable to press any keys

  38. swathi says:

    I switched on the reset button now it is working………… thank you for ur help

  39. Mahesh says:

    how much capacity of external memory storage can connected to iball 3G 7334?

  40. Nazareth says:

    Is upgrade available for it

  41. Nazareth says:

    is shivaji font available for android

    • lorentz says:

      Yes update from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 is available…no idea about any fonts

      • BHARATHIDASAN says:

        where can we get the update. pls tell

      • lorentz says:

        All updates can be optained from serice center only.. when i updated from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 the battery life reduced from 12 hours to 3 hours.. so i once again asked the service center to roll back to 4.0.4 .. now i get a battery life of 13 hours on continous wifi 3g tether and minimum of 2 users connected all the time..

  42. john says:

    this was a nice review,
    but i had a similar problem of external card cannot be recognized, even after updating the es file explore, down loaded your said app it does recognize but not in setting it doesn’t, couldn’t follow your rst solution , pleas HELP?, all this to shift apps to external sd card,
    2) if you root the phone does it void warrentee ? can it also upgraded 4.2…9 (if you have a custom rom please mention)

    • lorentz says:

      App backups can be copied to sd card.. and certain apps can be installed on external sd card directly.. Rooting will void warranty so unroot it before u give it to service center. And latest firmware and images for this pirticular device are hard to obtain from internet as this chinese device is oem for iball.. only the service center has the image for 4.2 image.. I have had certain problems with battery backup in that firmware.. So the service center guy rolled back to 4.0.4 and did some resistor unsoldering on the motherboard.. now I get more than a day of backup in normal or light usage

    • lorentz says:

      I have also read there is a universal custom os for android tablets.. some tweaks are mentioned on website..its really to complicated I don’t know much abt it..

  43. abishek says:

    i am not able to access net through my 2G Airtel sim
    can u pls suggest me how to get the access

  44. Albino Dlima says:

    im not satisfied with the services given by service center in pune, i purchased a 7334i tab 4 moths back and battery got drained completely cause of that the tab is not starting, i told the service center to check it with a charged battery buy they are least interested with my suggestion, they have considered it as dead piece and kept it with them. its now a week and they haven’t worked on it still…..they need a week more…..

    • lorentz says:

      Take it bck and give to another service center.. and this time don’t tell them.. just speak like we know nothing and they know everything.. just tell its not switching on. And charger is not charging tab..give both.

  45. vijay singh says:

    why my i ball get auto back without touch screen is it problem?

  46. The iball slide 7334 tablet is really impressive one which i am using since 4 months.The processor is quite faster than similar tablets. The look is also very cute. The camera picture quality is pretty clear. After all this phone is a best phone amongst other similar phones.

  47. vikki says:

    hi i bought iball 7344q-10 tablet yesterday. it was working fine till then. but today when i on the device the battery is drained too much even with the power off. also there is some kind of touch screen problem. it is like working in reverse. when i tried to touch on right , left area is selected. WTF!!! its just one day. can anyone know about this problem. it will be my last i ball product in my life.. also do anyone know how to root this device and is there is any custom rom for it…..
    pls if anyone know a solution about this problem pls let me know my email id is vikkix7@gmail,com

    • lorentz says:

      hi, the device can be rooted easily using usb download mode and similiar rooting app on windows pc after connecting the pc to tab via usb.
      i too had a bad experiance with iball tab. i now think micromax would have been a better option.

  48. vijay singh says:

    Ya vikki

    Ma tab have same reversing problem even I go to the customer care they format my tab bt problem remain exist.

    • lorentz says:

      can you please explain the problem with your tab?
      the os the customer care gives us is not a bug free version of android. its modified to add lot of bloatware apps of iball.
      rooting and deleting all such apps might solve most of the hanging os problems

  49. dsss says:

    Thanks, was finding it hard to transfer files. The /mnt/ trick worked.

  50. manu says:

    My iball (7334)tablet touch screen got cracked but i am unable to find new touch screen in service center or outside of service center

  51. jaffer says:

    i used iball slide 3g 7334..i faced a pblm with shows crack like thing..but touch s sensitive..what shall i do to get back normal display? hw much does it costs?

  52. Srotoswini Sarkar says:

    i bought this tab on 16.08.2013.. it was working quite good and i was satisfied. but then due to my mother the charger was harmed nd it was not charging the tab.. So i was charging and using the tab with a samsung charger. But then today in the morning the tab had shut down itself and it is not switching on… Can any one help me?? I dont know what to do now

  53. rohit garg says:

    Hi Lawrence,
    Can you tell me the problem with memory of I ball 7334i. Whenever I try to download a game it says the memory is insufficient. I have deleted all games, videos etc. But the problem does not go. It has 16 GB memory which I cannot use. A few days ago, it used to have many games at a go and it was working well. Please help.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  54. Nand says:

    I have this tablet but i am facing a storage problem .It has 5.7 gb free storage but i used total of only 700mb (approx) but it shows free space of only 1.8gb.Can any one help in out?

    • lorentz says:

      Have u tried formatting it once. Or install file explorer app and find out which app/game/downloaded file is using most of your space. Take it to customer care is best option if u have warranty



  55. Anonymous says:

    I would not start wifi my iball 3G 7334. Plz suggest me how to do.. When I turn on wifi then acomatcily wifi turn off….. Please solve my problem

  56. manish says:

    Is there any other method another then connecting to pc for rooting the tablet,,means can I root it without computer

  57. ARVIND BADNE says:


    • lorentz says:

      is the only setting you need to set once idea sim in inserted in the dual sim tablet. however make sure you have enabled 3g or 2g internet and if possible send a screen shot of you idea settings configuration page

  58. Peter fernandes says:

    Buy anything..but never buy a iball product…I brought iball slide…andi mobile…they all suck…within not rven a year…they show their true colours…the motherboard of tab is expensive to replace..than the tab cost…service centre are with non experience professionals…sales rep don’t understand u..when too much pressure from the client..they quit job…my advice never go fr iball products.

    • lorentz says:

      Infact i never did
      I just guided those who purchased the same model i did. So they wouldnt feel deserted by iball as i felt.

  59. pranay pagar says:

    my iball tab 7334 touch pad is broken will it repair.

  60. sadia says:

    I switched on my tab in the afternoon ..n it was working… Then I switched it off… But wen again I wanted to start it in the evening .. It wasn’t getting started… Nothing on the screen.. Even if its kept on charging it is not shown

    • lorentz says:

      You could try giving it to customary care center. This problem happens to me a while back. It was because the battery is 0% charge and cannot be charged via USB. The customer care could remove and charge the battery and then you can charge from USB.

  61. Hilal ahmad khan says:

    I have new I ball tab but I think it take lot of time for charging can you explain me what is the problem

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