iPhone LTE 4G 3G 2G selection

Many iPhone users have different opinion on this topic. Hence I decided to clarify this for everyone who faced this problem just like me.

iPhone iOS 8.1 update came with a good promise which is the option to control LTE 4G 3G 2G option. However many users claims to have that option while many say they don’t have that option. I happen to be in the second group who didn’t have that option. 

WHY? Possibly because my network provider AT&T didn’t want me to have it. 
So I tried working on different network providers with my iPhone. The results are as follows 

With AT&T SIM card the only option the network provides is to enable /disable LTE. AT&T network I guess prefers we use the network in the following priority 4g>3g>2g. 


With BSNL Pvt ltd INDIA sim inserted the network carriers in USA didn’t seems to recognize my SIM card.


As there is no coverage,  iPhone seems to enable the option to control the network LTE, 4G,  3G,  2G.


To test the functionality again I tried with UAE Etisalat SIM card and it seems to be registered with T-Mobile and the option to control the 4G,  3G,  2G is permitted by T-Mobile. I was also able to check for the current cell phone balance right from my phone by using USSD commands.


The main reason I prefer 2g or 3G network is for longer battery life. 4g takes a lot of battery power and possibly my phone lasts for 12 hours. I guess the best option would be to switch carrier to T-Mobile or lyca mobile for the sake of battery life.  

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How to find or set MAC id of LAN or WLAN cards?


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Sip server on home pc and local sip clients(working perfectly for intranet communication)


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Dynamic DNS update client using python program for raspberry pi. PART2-(tutorial)

I had few technical troubles while proceeding with the previous program and its execution technique mentioned http://goo.gl/z8mYGk. Firstly my raspbian OS began to get more laggy due to lots of trial&error methods I did while testing and developing the first 6 articles mentioned in http://goo.gl/cFh1Ly. Secondly my pi had lot of programs installed and updated, which I thought might be a problem for starters without proper direction. And thirdly /var/log/syslog had lot of unwanted logs being recorded apart from the useful cron stats / cron logs.

So I installed a new fresh OS using the method mentioned in http://goo.gl/4bNkyW.
And ssh into my pi using Ubuntu pc as mentioned in http://goo.gl/6mh2cr

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Dynamic DNS update client using python program for raspberry pi. PART1-(tutorial)

#MESSAGE 2 READERS: This article is for educative and refrence work only. A new modified and easy apprach has been designed and found working even better than this methode..It is posted in http://goo.gl/RqOnnJ.

For those who dont have static ip, the only hope of hosting any server is to use dynamic DNS service.
This article covers a little information about working of dynamic dns and 4 steps to make this process work using python program.

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Connect raspberry pi to a 3g network automatically during its boot

This article is for those who want to connected their Raspberry pi with debian OS, automatically to 3g network without any human interaction. This is mostly useful if the pi is left alone at certain location and should connect itself to 3g network at boot. In my case I wanted to use the pi as a 3g to wan converter(3G router), to replace the faulty dlink dwr 113, so autoconnect to network is a default property of a 3g router. Continue reading

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Installing raspbian OS for raspberry pi using ubuntu pc

Installing raspbian OS using windows is very easy and its simple directions are easy for all to understand. However this article doesnt deal with it, rather it deals with using a linux tool named ‘dd’ or its modified version ‘dcfldd’.
Raspbian can be installed in 3 steps. Continue reading

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Installing OpenELEC mediacenter(xmbc) for raspberry pi using Ubuntu PC

To install openELEC for MicroSD using Ubuntu OS, follow the 3 steps.

To download the latest version of the file, click the official link and download the latest version(OpenELEC-RPi.arm-3.1.5.tar) to the Downloads folder. Once downoad complete extract the .tar file using default decompression tool(Archive Manager) to the same Downloads folder.
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Setting static ip for raspberry pi using Ubuntu pc

This article might be helpful for those who wants to set static ip for raspberry pi system using ubuntu os. Or without using raspberry pi itself. The below mentioned ip setting are valid if ubuntu is configured to share its network via eth0 interface, thus making ubuntu a dhcp server and pi a client.
To do this, all that is needed is a Ubuntu pc and MicroSD with raspbian OS installed.
In 3 steps it can be done. Continue reading

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Headless use of Raspberry pi on Windows / Ubuntu

Headless connection is a method that is mostly needed to use raspberry pi with just ethernet socket and power plug. Which means, hdmi or dvi display , keyboard and mouse is not needed.
To do this you will need to follow the 3 steps Continue reading

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