Sip server on home pc and local sip clients(working perfectly for intranet communication)

SIP or Session Initiated Protocol is one of the many protocols used for VOIP. I liked to have my own voip server in my home and clients for this server anywhere else on globe. So first I did a lot of googling and came across officeSIP server application. It works perfectly every time I use them for intranet communication but never internet communication.

The network topology requirement of this post is shown below


Step1: Download a fresh copy of the application officeSIP server from the official website link or from here. Install the application on to any windows pc.


Step2: Then open the control panel of office sip server from start menu

Step3: In the .csv File tab create new users for configuring the sip clients. Atleast 2 is needed for you to test the working of this application and clarity of audio conversation.

Step4: Once the server is added with details of the clients to be connected, the dhcp server /router should assign a static ip for the server installed pc. For eg in my case , so my sip client apps can always connect to this pc automatically.

For this login to the router page and go to dhcp > dhcp reservations> add. Enter the mac id and required ip address to be assigned to the pc by router

In case you do not know the MAC id of pc, and you want to find/change the MAC ID of Lan/wlan card of pc go to link.

To set port forwarding is not necessary in this step as sip port 5060 of pc can be accessed to all clients in intranet (same network clients), but blocked to internet (outside network clients) due to security by the router.

Step6: Now you need to install sip client app on phones and configure them. As my phone and tab doesn’t support screenshot I am unable to post their pictures. So configure them as mentioned below.

Sip server : officesip.local (default by officesip server application)
Password:111(or whatever is the password u set in step3 )
Caller id: callers name

Sip server : officesip.local (default by officesip server application)
Password:222(or whatever is the password u set in step3 )
Caller id: callers name

Once both this configurations are saved, the indicator on .csv tab of officesip server turns to green

Then u can call each other phone with its user-id as the calling number. Your caller Id appears on the called phone’s sip client app.

For this article to work properly, as shown in the topology, both server and clients should be in the same network (clients are limited to a maximum of 253 in numbers theoretically). For accessing the server using clients outside the network, I might need to use DDNS service and modify port forwarding feature of router. It will be mentioned in my next post.

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